Top 5 secrets of a beautiful relationship

Relationships make your life more beautiful. Whether they are romantic or just friendship, connecting with another human being is undoubtedly one of the best experiences in life. In relationships, as is the case with other things in life, change is inevitable. I doubt there are many of us who have maintained the same partner and/or our group of friends throughout our lives.

Over time I discovered some principles that worked for me and I hope to help build a solid relationship based on love and sincerity.

1. Be yourself
In a world where we are educated to be like the other, or compare to someone else, being yourself is one of the greatest provocations we have in life. Do not change yourself just to make someone like you. Compromises like this do not take place in a relationship. In my opinion that a relationship is long-lasting, be it of friendship or love, the people involved must be themselves. So we realize the easiest if we are on the same wavelength or not. Do not try to force yourself or lie that everything goes well when the reality is actually different. We all can act or wear a mask for a period of time, some longer and some less, but in the end, you will show your real you and you will not be able to pretend anymore, so why don t give a try to a relation by being you from the start?


Do not compare with anyone and compare no one with you. The best relationships are those in which comparisons are not made, and each is happy to achieve the other. When the comparison occurs, the jealousy also appears with its sense of superiority. Each is unique in its own way.

3.  The past remains in the past

As they are past, how comfortable and wonderful is it to remember the past relationships?

The past does not take place in a relationship, we only live today. Stay at this time, just so you can fully enjoy everything else you have to offer.

4.  Do not play with the other's mind

In romantic relationships, one of the partners (in my opinion, who is the weakest) is always trying to give an uncertainty to the relationship. He actually defends himself from a possible failure. This uncertainty creates the impression that it has control. Valuable relationships are those in which there are no such games of mind. Both know who else is, they are themselves, and for this, they love each other.

5.  Be aware that everything can end

Do not make an obsession with this, I know it does not sound beautiful, but I really believe that the best relationships are those in which both people recognize and are embraced by the fact that everything can end at some point. Thus the relationship can be based on sincerity, fairness, love, and will become more and more profound every day.

Whether you agree or disagree with all of the above, I hope at least I have managed to give you a theme of thinking. If you have other opinions, I invite you to comment below.

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