The illusion of good and evil

There is no holy life. There is no war between good and evil. There is no sin and no deliverance. None of these things should matter to you.

One of the final frontiers in the path to spiritual awakening or enlightenment is faith in the concept of good and evil. Whenever the mind is involved in processing a situation, we must actually define that situation. We have to define that situation as "good" or "bad", "good" or "wrong". These decisions are projections of our ego. The ego must be right, and when it is correct, it must be wrong. Therefore, the ego spends the day making comparisons. Compare political parties, compare religions, lifestyles, cultures, everything compares ...!
The problem is that your ego, just like my ego, like any person on this planet, works from the perspective of "good," but who has the golden key of doing everything "right or "well" of the over 7 billion people living on this planet? Is there really a being who knows the "right" way? The "right" cooking of a steak, the "right" God to worship, the "correct" nationality, the "right" culture.

"People do everything they can to their level of consciousness" - Deepak Chopra

In order to have a proper way and an official way of doing things, one has to assume that there is someone who judges every thought, action, and behavior towards this alleged "rule book", what is considered right and what is considered wrong. Those who believe in organized religion will say, "Yes, and that person is God." This book is the Bible or the Qur'an, but unfortunately, those who believe in organized religion cannot agree with each other.
There are Christians who believe in pickpockets before funerals, or those who believe that the invasion of the lands and the murder of the peoples is very OK (of course, as long as these things are done in the name of Jesus). And not only Christianity, but all religions that have dissidents as rank, but what is the right path of God and what is the wrong one? We can not know because there is not one way.
Yes, we humans have spent thousands of years fighting for what is "right", every person on this earth operating at his consciousness level. Which means that everyone is working to do the "right" thing depending on the state of mind. There were people in history who pointed to someone else, under the guise of having failed, but they did not do anything about it.
If everyone, including us, operate according to the level of consciousness, can anybody be blamed for the choices made? From a technical point of view. For example, I heard the phrase "I hurt people." This is about people who do not have unconditional love for themselves and treat others around in the same way they would treat themselves as well. Literally, they act in one way, the way that allows for consciousness.

So, yes, there will be times when some people with another level of consciousness will say that hatred, anger, or even worse, killing other people is what they have to do, and in these cases if people become a danger for them or society, to go to jail or to be punished in court, etc. ... But it is not our duty to come up with a million "if in this situation", we have to deal with life as it is it happens at the present moment, as it is presented to us, and we must be confident that the perfect measures will always be taken.
This can be difficult for a person's ego to process. The ego must blame, he needs to blame others, and if he does not blame other people for his problems, his fears and his angry, then he has to look back at him and actually see that he is the problem. The perception of the reality of the ego is what outlines our judgments about the outer world.

Transcending good / bad decision, right/wrong is not an easy task. Though those who can feel their level of consciousness will tell you that they feel their ego slip into a distant reality, rarely encounter someone with such a level of consciousness. What is important to realize is that we can not force ourselves to a higher level of our consciousness, we can only bring more presence into our lives and retrieve the connection with our soul that will cause us to naturally grow our consciousness.
We can intellectually know that there it is no good or bad, but our ego is still at the point where it judges the facts of external reality. We need to be careful about this, and not judge ourselves for that. The new evolution of our consciousness will eventually overcome the duality of the mind when we exist in a consciousness of unity, where we will all see it as one. All we can do is love unconditionally ourselves and those who surround us. The unconditional love of people is the only way we can change the world. - "Love is the weapon of the future," said Yehuda Berg

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