Natural healing therapies

In the universe everything is energy. Nothing is solid. Instead, the objects are made up of microscopic particles that vibrate at a very fast speed and provide a solid image. Our visual sense is limited and therefore we do not see particle vibration.
Vibrational therapy, also called vibrational medicine or energy medicine, is based on scientific principles that say that all matter vibrates at a precise frequency, and by using resonant vibrations the balance can be restored.

Almost everything we can touch and see around us has a pulse of life inside of it. We need to look for the benefits of natural vibration to help us with energy balancing.

This alternative form of treatment allows people to try and reverse their negative vibrations in their bodies by making significant changes in their lives.
Each object, including human organs, has a natural vibration referred to as "resonance". If part of the body vibrates beyond resonance or harmony, it can lead to a disease. Jonathan Goldman says that if certain parts of the body get into imbalance, they can be healed by designing the right frequency in the body. Vibrational medicine focuses on energy anatomy within and around the physical body. Energy imbalances are treated using various flowers, stones, sound, essential oil therapy, acupuncture, and crystals. Each item taken individually has a specific quality that is beneficial to a particular human organ, system or emotion.
Vibrational healing is very good when looking for alternative methods of treatment for various diseases and you should not overlook this type of therapy when it comes to a remedy for your problems.

Low Frequency - Precary Health

Research by Bruce Tainio and Gary Young indicates that "normal human body frequencies are between 62-68 MHz, and if this frequency drops you will be prone to a disease. Cold symptoms occur at a frequency of 58 MHz, flu at 57 MHz, Candida at 55 MHz, 42 MHz cancer. Thus, in order to protect ourselves from diseases, our body must be very oxygenated and kept at high frequency.

The only way to really get positive energy in your energy field is eating healthy foods, exercising regularly (yoga, meditation) and remembering to be good with others.

Types of Vibration Remedies

Crystals and Stones

A glowing stone taken from the ground is one of the treasures that every child discovers on his own. Rocks are a natural resource of the earth you find everywhere, we have paved streets, the sand on the beach is made of small crystals. We decorate with gold rings and silver bracelets, a set of semi-precious colored stones, but we do not realize that every precious stone and crystal is home to healing properties. Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to a particular stone and not to another? Nature finds a way to get stones that carry curative and spiritual properties that are necessary for us.

Light and Colors

A color is simply a form of visible light, electromagnetic energy. All primary colors reflected in the rainbow carry unique healing properties. The sun is a wonderful healer! Imagine what life would be without the sun. Lack of sunlight contributes to depression for some people. Some tools used in color therapy are gems, candles, wands, and colorful fabrics. Light beam (laser) therapy is a field of developing medicine and is used more in the healthcare community.

Plants and Aromatic Plants

All plants, trees, flowers and even our garden where we grow vegetables have medical properties. The foods we consume have specific vibrational energy along with their nutritional values.

Air, Earth, Fire, and Water

Our world has four basic elements. These are air, earth, fire, and water. Understanding what each element means helps us to find our strong waves and our weaknesses. Healers have found that if they focus on the vibrational elements and energies associated with each one they can find a remedy to address our problems. Approximately 70% of the Earth's surface consists of water. This makes the water element capture our attention. In addition, our bodies need water to survive.

Sound and Music

Musical sounds and tones are healing vibrations. The sound of OM is the basis of all the sounds. Without the vocal and hearing strings, we will be very limited in communication. Some sounds are not pleasant, but many sounds are reassuring forces. Nature offers some of the most healing vibrations.

Be the change you want to see in the world

Vibrational healing can teach you all the beautiful things, but you must be willing to make some changes in your life to function.

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