2 Mistakes that destroy our lives!

Why do things not go the way you wanted, though theoretically you always do your best? Are not there any mistakes that you have not taken into account so far?

Do not let yourself feel guilty
An old proverb says the mistake is human, but you do not have to let that sentiment catch you. The first impulse we got when we make a mistake is to start feeling guilty without realizing that this not only affects us in a bad way but its also not the best feeling we should have. Yes, we all make mistakes because we are only humans but the most important thing is to start learning something out of our own mistakes instead of letting the guilt feelings to overcome over us. It also does not help to make you feel overly indebted to your friends or family. Of course, your help is always welcome, but you do not have to be available to everyone at any time.

True love is not bought
Everyone wants to meet their half, and this will happen when you expect less. Until then, do not get involved in any relationship just by wanting not to be alone. You deserve more than a partner who does not care about you.
Same applies to the gratitude feelings that we should feel more or less sometimes about the rest of the people around us. Maybe you have received some help when you need it, but if people always remind you of the service they have done for you, you do not have to fall to the other end. A polite refusal can only do you good. Moreover, do not let anyone use you.

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