Candle Color Correspondents

The light, like all things, vibrates. Each color vibrates at a different speed. The different vibrations of different colors can be used by our brains in the rituals we perform for healing, meditation, magic, or whatever. This is called magic because we use an element, this time the light. Each color is a principle or value. The color of a candle is very important when you work with magic or practice a ritual. Below is a list of candle colors and what each signifies.

Black - rituals of meditation, destruction, and spells of evading evil and negative energy, escaping, leaving a relationship, admitting pain and forgiveness, protection against negativity, bonding, change of form.

Blue - good fate, an opening of blocked communication, wisdom, protection, spiritual inspiration, calm, reassurance, gentle movement, water element, creativity, honor, loyalty, peace, quiet, truth, sleep protection, astral projections, dreams, trust, discovers the truth, extends mental horizons, success.

Brown - locating a lost object, focusing, telepathy, protecting the neighbors, land, protecting the home, protecting pets, money, ideas, and balance, influence friendships, special favors.

Golden - cosmic influences, solar divinities, God, material achievements, wealth, recognition, and long life.

Green - Mother Earth, abundance, fertility, tree and magic plant, development, earth element, personal goals, success, fortune, prosperity, youth, ambition, greed and jealousy, Goddess, healing, gardening, tree magic, growth, good harvest, prosperity, money, and good fortune.

Orange - business goals, real estate transactions, ambition, career goals, general success, justice, legal issues, sales, action, energy, fertility, creative development, self-esteem, trust, the ambition of all things and energy.

Pink - romantic love, good planetary will, healing emotions, peace, affection, love, emotional maturity partnerships, care, feeding, friendship, femininity, romance, quiet sleep, regaining trust and attracting new friends or lovers.

Purple - physical manifestations, healing, powers, success, independence, protection.

Red - energy, force, passion, courage, fire elements, career goals, rapid action, passion, the blood of the moon, vibration, driving force, love, fertility, revenge, mania, courage, magnetism, sexual passion and potency, physical health, strength, pleasure, and willpower.

Dark Red - Influence of the people from the high places, the third eye, psychic ability, spiritual power, self-assurance, hidden knowledge, meditation, posthumous work, divination, astral journey, psychic protection.

White - spirituality, Goddess, peace, higher ego, purity, virginity, consecration, meditation, exorcism, healing, clairvoyance, spiritual force.

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