9 Spiritual truths that are not learned at school

How would our world be if these 9 spiritual truths were taught at school, in our media, and in our history books? How can we change the system and how can we introduce such topics for future generations? How would the world be if they have successfully recognized these spiritual truths?

1. We are spiritual beings on a journey. Before we entered a physical body, we planned our time to wake up and know who we are. Our mother's panties were like a forgetful tunnel, and we knew it would be a difficult challenge to remember. The greatest risk we assumed was never to remember. We have never been disconnected from our light source, however, the connection has been tight and thinned very much to reach this part of the universe's density. Our challenge is to strengthen this connection and to increase our light pillar in remembering and recognizing what we really are.

2. Our souls do not die - they just change their goal. As a spark of light from the Source, we are infinitely connected to the flow of experience. When it is time to disconnect the cable of life from the physical body, our spark rises outside our physical body. We take the experience of life with us, but our objective is changed to a slightly different level of vibration. Every life builds experience and wisdom.

3. Everything is vibrating at a certain frequency. All living things on the earth have consciousness, even stones, and trees. Each thing and every one is connected to the "tree of life" or to an infinite energy source. We can connect to the consciousness of the trees and we can talk to them by agreeing to their vibrational frequency. Our bodies are 90% water and can be programmed at a certain frequency of vibration, through thoughts, sound, color, and love. When we understand the vibration, we can understand alternative and holistic treatments that can cure any disease or ailment in the body by changing the vibration of the water.

4. Our thoughts create our reality. All thoughts are energy that manifests itself in what we see as reality. Always be aware of your thoughts, it is one of the first steps in co-creation that is responsible for your reality. It is a simple concept but requires a lot of work and awareness. If every person would change their thoughts in peace and freedom, there would be no war or tyranny. If you focus on negative thoughts, you will create a low vibration frequency, and if you focus on positive thoughts, you can increase the frequency of vibration. Our reality is a manifestation of what we create through our thinking patterns.

5. Most of us have reincarnated here many times in order to prepare for our present life. There are souls who are here to be track leaders and leaders. There are souls who wanted to be here to witness the vibrational growth of the human race and the planet that will affect our solar system, the universe, the cosmos and much further. Some say the reincarnation cycle is over, and in this life, we ​​have the opportunity to free us from the karma wheel or the need to balance our actions.

6. We are not alone. We could not be here without help from our spiritual guides and angels or high vibrational beings who have made agreements with us to help us reach our goal and ascension. They exist in another vibrational level or a size larger than ours so most of us can not see them. They are always with us and wait patiently for us to ask for help because we live on a planet where we have free will. They observe interference laws because of our free will, but if we ask them with power and interest, they will respond in different creative ways. Most guidance comes from within, through a telepathy process.

7. Time is an illusion. I was in the past and I was already in the future. Most of our energy particles (our souls) exist in a place where "there is no time". Time is created to experience and is part of the controlled experiment. Meditation is the key to returning to the place where "there is no time" where all the answers lie.

8. Ascension does not get involved, it goes anywhere. It is a state of being, a focus of awareness and consciousness in a very high vibrational frequency. It is what we were created to "go on and experience" and return with experience back to the source in an infinite loop of co-creation and craftsmanship. The main reward for reincarnation in the depths of "hell" is that at some point you will rise like the Phoenix bird from ashes in happiness and in the light of love. This is done through self-love.

9. Love is in everything that exists. Finding and reconnecting to love again is the most important thing that we humans have to do. The source is unconditional love, we are the spark of the source, which means we are love. Therefore, we are what we are looking for. Unconditional love is the key to returning to the source.

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