7 differences between religion and spirituality

Many people mix the concept of spirituality with religion or consider it a mysterious, obscure, supernatural phenomenon. Some even think spirituality is a sect, but it's all due to ignorance, lack of interest, reluctance, and fear of being manipulated.

It is a big step before studying more closely what spirituality really means, which is not really hidden, mysterious and occult, but a liberating way of living your life, one that teaches tranquility, peace, harmony, and balance.

These 7 differences between religion and spirituality will help you better understand what spirituality really is.

1. Religion kneels you - Spirituality frees you

Religion implies a certain ideology and constrains you to follow a set of strict rules for fear of being punished. Spirituality encourages you to follow your heart, intuition and your own system of values ​​under the sign of compassion, understanding, and acceptance. It gives you the freedom to be yourself and does not force you to align yourself with a value system that you do not completely resonate with. It is up to you to choose how to follow your path in the spirit of harmony and understanding.

2. Religion Maintains Fear - Spirituality promotes courage

Religion introduces fear, gives it palpable insights, directs it and channels it as "written" and dictates the consequences of disregarding imposed directions. Spirituality makes you aware of the consequences of your choices, but it does not promote or sustain this fear. On the contrary, it inspires you the courage to face all these fears, to overcome with confidence all the obstacles that have arisen despite the possible adverse consequences. Spirituality maintains love and not fear, it helps you to channel fear into positive and constructive living.

3. Religion Dictates Your Truth - Spirituality lets you discover it yourself

Religion dictates what you think and the rules to follow. Spirituality lets you discover all these things by yourself and give them your own interpretation. Encourage you to enter into communion with Your Higher Self, to break the truth with your mind and heart, then to understand this absolute truth that is the same for all people, regardless of religion.

4. Religion Destroy- Spirituality Unites

Every religion of the world claims that its version of the story is the right one, that only its path is the right one. Spirituality does not divide but accepts and separate the truth from all these religions to unite them. Truth is one, despite differences, and spirituality accepts all these differences. Spirituality focuses on union and communion, the uniqueness of the divine message beyond perceptual differences.

5. Religion subjugates you - Spirituality makes you independent

Religion places emphasis on the attendance of places of worship and the strict observance of events, customs, and religious feasts. To be worthy of happiness, you must become habitual. Spirituality, in turn, teaches you that you do not need external landmarks to access this happiness, as your happiness is not conditioned by anything from outside. This happiness is inward, and we are solely responsible for maintaining this happiness and bringing it to the surface. Divinity is not conditioned by space, it is in each of us, and we are all worthy of it in all circumstances, we can access it at any time.

6. Religion applies punishments - Spirituality applies the law of karma

Religion says that non-observance of certain imposed rules requires punishments. Spirituality teaches us that each action has an effect, and potential punishments can flow directly from the reactions that our actions are causing. The rebound effect, the reaction, is based exclusively on the governing powers of the universe, independent of any world construct, as religion, for example.

7. Religion imposes your path - Spirituality lets you choose your own way

The foundation of a religion is the story it propagates about a God or more governing gods about their journey to enlightenment and the truths they have discovered, a journey that must be strictly followed by all members of that religion. Spirituality lets you embark on your own journey to enlightenment and discover the truth in your own way, taking your heart.

The destination is always the same regardless of the chosen path because the truth is one!

Every religion has started from the idea of ​​spirituality, from the journey to the Godhead. Not the details are important, but the message that reveals the truth, the divine code of the human heart that resonates harmoniously in each of us.

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