5 Most beautiful things life gives you for free

You start your life crying, end up laughing! Accepts death, it is part of our lives, in fact, we are just some travelers in the life train.

We often come to forget about friends, family, and everything that is beautiful in life, in a day by day chase after money, but what follows below has nothing to do with money, but it is simply the gift of life that we receive for free. Indeed we have evolved, but have we evolved correctly?


We all know there are many types of love. There is romantic love, love between parent and child, love between brothers, love between friends, love for animals and plants and many other types of love. However, when I talk about love, I mean that you have to love life and everything that surrounds you equally. Love includes all these kinds of love.

Just by giving love to others you can change something. Imagine a little this: what if there was only love in the world? Love animals, flowers, mountains, air, water, people equally and you will soon realize your own life is happier and blossoming.


Hugs are always a good opportunity to show your affection. During the embrace, oxytocin, the hormone of love, is released. Embracing manages to lift our mood and reduce stress. Embrace is a universal drug, reduces the risk of heart disease, lowers blood pressure, helps us overcome our fears, heals and relieves suffering, has a calming effect, having the role of regulating heartbeats. A simple hug can make this world a better place.


There is a scientifically proven connection between meditation and lucid dreams. Frequent and deep meditation can help you realize when you dream. Meditation can have an impact on your life, it helps you get to happiness, relaxation, and understanding. It can also help you get into consciousness. You have to train your brain waves for meditation. This is the key to learning to meditate. The ultimate goal in Yoga Tibetan Dream is to understand the dream, then dissolve completely. Missing from the physical stimulus through the sleeping body and the conceptual stimulus through the mind of the dream, they can see the purest form of consciousness through profound meditation in a lucid dream.


Shame and humor bring people closer. A smile and laugh can have a positive effect on your health. For example, let's look at a playground for children ... you do not see an angry kid (of course, only if someone took a toy), everyone smiles, they are happy and enjoying their play ... while their parents are on the edge full of daily stress, throwing an occasional smile on a beautiful figure made by their children. Adults in their turn can take the place of the children, going through life with a smile on the lips that does nothing but bring happiness and health, and more, laughter and smile cost nothing! The laugh is an effective remedy for both the mind and the body, being a powerful aide for stress and pain of any kind.


Stress, which slowly but surely reaches as many people as possible, is at the root of most diseases. Meditation helps you to free your mind to ease your shoulders by the burden of problems and helps you see life differently. Meditation also helps lower anxiety, increase concentration, memory, and creativity. Seems enough to convince you to give it a try? :)

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