31 statements that can transform your life

The statements simply work. Body and feelings can also be influenced by techniques designed to perfect the mind, such as meditation.

Choose a different statement every day for a month and say it all day. Believe that affirmations are a way to control the power of the mind. Love every day, love yourself, love your life!

1. I'm ready for a change.

2. I accept and like myself exactly as I am.

3. I attract amazing people.

4. I always love.

5. Accept.

6. Others love me with ease and joy.

7. People expect to love me, and I allow them.

8. I love love.

9. I am happy in my own skin.

10. I express the love of all who meet me.

11. I swim in unconditional love.

12. Love is radiating from me all the time.

13. I love you.

14. Love comes to me easily and effortlessly.

15. Give and receive love with ease and happiness.

16. I create my reality.

17. I trust in myself.

18. Only compare me with my higher self.

19. I feel loved and appreciated by my parents and my friends.

20. I express my free love.

21. When I offer love, I instantly get more.

22. I love for all the people, places, and things.

23. I breathe love.

24. I am open to receiving love.

25. I am a radiant being full of light and love.

26. I know that my wisdom will guide me to make the right decision.

27. I attract loving people into my life.

28. I spread the love for those I meet.

29. Happiness is a choice.

30. I like and agree with me.

31. The past has no power over me.

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