30 Positive things you can do in a minute

It can take only one minute to light your day! And more important its entirely up to you!

Change is a rule of life because only that way you can grow. Discover, by choosing to do one of the positive tasks below, for only 60 seconds, and who knows such behavior can change the way you live your life.

1. Smile
2. Give a hug
3. Hail
4. Eat a fruit (4-5 a day!)
5. Stay in a yoga position
6. Drink a glass of water
7. Be thankful and write on a paper "Thank you"
8. Call your parents and remind them how much they mean to you
9. Listen to a good song
10. Say a joke
11. Meditate
12. Dance like no one would see you
13. Read a poem
14. Stretch your body
15. Breathe deeply
16. Notice everything that surrounds you

17. Make a paper plane with a message on it and launch it in the world
18. Play with a dog
19. Execute 10 genuflexions or abdomens
20. Embrace a tree
21. Create a list of 5 favorite songs
22. Think of a plan to spend time with your loved one
23. Give a bouquet of flowers without a reason to someone you love
24. List 5 positive things you want to do one day
25. Eat a vegetable
26.Drink a juice, shake or smoothie
27. Sing a favorite song
28. Help someone without expecting nothing in return
29. Give a compliment
30. Be grateful for the life you have

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