19 positive statements that remind you of how important you are

No matter how positive you are in the end, you will still have a bad day, but then it is important that the cloud that deviates from you is thrown by a ray of sunshine. When you face one of those days, try to find a mirror and say the following 19 positive statements, meant to remind you that you are a bright star in your own life.

1. My potential to succeed is infinite.
2. I'm indestructible.
3. All positive energies work for me, lead me to new and brilliant ideas.
4. I have all the skills necessary to be successful.
5. I am a unique child of this world
6. I woke up today with a strong heart and a clear mind.
7. Radiance of beauty and grace.
8. My fears just disappear.
9. I'm not afraid.
10. My inner strength sustains me in everything I do.
11. I trust my intuition and inner wisdom.
12. I believe in my ability to change the world.
13. All problems have a solution.
14. I follow my dream regardless of the obstacles I encounter.
15. I'm helped by my inner strength to fill my energy.
16. I'm always ready for any type of changes.
17. I am surrounded only by love.
18. My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is quiet.
19. I am in perfect harmony with what I am.

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