Signs that you've met someone in another life

When it comes to the idea of past lives, we have fantasies about the possibility of having lived in the past with our family members or dear friends in our current life.

But this is more than a fantasy, it is a possible, perhaps quite probable, perspective so read below and see if this applies to you in any way.

1. Feel a strong connection or rejection at first glance when you meet someone.

When you meet a person you've ever known in a previous life, you feel a strong attraction and connection. But what about the people you did not have in your heart? These may cause you a bounce-back reaction. Regardless of their polarity, such powerful reactions, at first sight, may be a sign that you have met or known those people in a previous life.

2. Develop an almost telepathic connection with someone.

It does not necessarily mean that you actually have a mental dialogue. Rather it happens that when you think about them or talk about them, those people feel this and contact you immediately, or intuition your way of thinking, to know many times what you are going to say in a conversation, example. It's a form of connection hard to define and explain, but it's hard to ignore it.

3. Familiarity and connection "from the crossroads of life" is read in the eye.

Have you ever seen someone look intense in the eye and feel like you were hypnotized? Have you ever had the feeling that you've seen millions of times in the eye before a seemingly unknown person? If that look is deeply familiar to you, the reaction may be due to the fact that you have known the person in a previous life.

If you happen to live this phenomenon, give it maximum attention. Some people think that the eyes remain unchanged from one life to another, which allows us to recognize our spiritual partners beyond the borders of time.

What do you think? Do you think you met a person you met in another life?

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  • I have always pondered the same question. There are people at work that I feel like I have known for thousands of years. There are also some people who I look deep in the eyes and feel very attached to but they feel very uncomfortable about me. its quite an interesting world we live in.


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