5 Steps to Increase Spiritual Awareness

Many of us seem to believe that being spiritual means being religious. Just because they are not affiliated directly with a particular religion, that does not mean they should not try to be spiritual. The whole concept of spiritual awareness is not just connecting with a greater divine power, but also connecting with nature and with you. Once you have established this connection, you will see life from a completely different perspective. People with a highly developed sense of spiritual consciousness are often less predisposed to depression, addiction, manipulation, and control. In addition, they will really understand what it means to be happy.

Here are five ways that can help you increase your spiritual awareness:

1: Learn to communicate with your soul

Your soul is an energy entity that holds some of your awareness and your memories. Its energy is what animates your body. In other words, the physical body acts as a vehicle to host your soul so that it can experience what it means to live in the world of matter. For these reasons, your soul is a true identity. Your body is not a true identity, because it is made of matter, which is made of atoms, which are mostly empty space. The space that is not empty in atoms is not solid, it is actually made of energy. So, what does that mean? This means that your matter and body are more like illusions or projections. The only thing that is truly real is energy, that is, what is your soul made out of.

To communicate with your soul, you must first think that you have one. Then find out how you can calm your mind so that you can hear the subtle voice and the feeling in you. A great way to calm your mind is to do breathing exercises. Meditation is also another good technique to enhance your ability to communicate with your soul.

2: Sleep a lot

Create a program that will make it possible to get a sleep of at least 6-8 hours each night. After creating this program, try to stay at it. Not only will you find a lot of sleeping responses enough, but you will allow the body to rest, which will lead to a better focus on thoughts. Controlling your thoughts is important for increasing spiritual awareness because thinking is the energy entity that builds your reality.

3: Spend time in NATURE

Secrets of life are embedded in nature. If you want to increase your spiritual awareness, so you can understand what life is, you need to study nature and learn how to live in harmony with it. Connection with nature strengthens, spiritual awareness will also grow. The reason for this is that when you become more aware of the natural environment, you begin to see why things appear the way they are. This awareness can help you understand who you really are and why you are here.

4: Be positive and smile often

Laughing is an important part of a healthy spirit and body. When you laugh, your brain releases a chemical that automatically stimulates your mood and improves your physical health. After a good laugh, you will often find that your problems do not seem so great, making you have a positive attitude. What is interesting is that a person who laughs a lot can be contagious. So if you're a smiling person, people around you will feel better, and automatically everyone will be happier and feel more spiritually.

5: Learn how to activate your Pineal Gland

The Pineal Gland is a strong and mysterious, rather small, gland located in the center of the brain. This small gland is also referred to as the third eye or eye of the mind. The pineal gland is thought to have mystical properties. Many spiritual teachers believe they have the ability to see the spiritual area, being "the headquarters of the soul." The pineal gland is the section of the head that anchors the soul to the rest of the body.

When the pineal gland works properly, the communication between the soul and the spiritual areas will become much easier. Have you ever had an experience like when you were in the awakening and saw the room with a 360-degree view, even when you just opened your eyes? This 360-degree view is the result of the pineal gland activation.
The pineal gland in most adults is "somewhat inactive" because of the lack of use and the ingestion of harmful chemicals that can make it petrifying. One of the most damaging synthetic chemicals for the pineal gland is sodium fluoride. This form of fluoride is a by-product of the fertilizer industry. The natural version of fluorine is known as calcium fluoride, which is often found in groundwater.

Sodium fluoride is common in conventional toothpaste. It is unhealthy for the pineal gland because when exposed to sodium fluoride for long periods of time, it can calcify.

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