11 Powerful Healing Mantras

Everything that exists in the Universe carries with it a vibration, including how we speak or think. The words we use have the greatest power in our lives.
We can use the words in a healing way. Mantras are the most effective way we can use the high vibration of positive words.

Mantras are short assertions, positively charged, and can be considered as an instrument of the mind. The mantras are loaded with strong vibrations and repeated several times a day, can help you release your mind, body, and soul from stress.

This way of praying is a well-known practice from ancient times. In traditional practices, it is believed that you need to repeat a mantra 125,000 times so that it can penetrate into your mind and give you the power to change your reality. However, saying a daily mantra several times can have beneficial effects on you. When you pray through these mantras, direct your total attention to the words you say for a few moments.

1. I know that I am loved throughout the day.

Recite this mantra three times every morning, either loudly or whispering, or at any time you need it. As you repeat this mantra, cross your hands around your body as if giving a warm and supportive hug.

2. And this shall pass.

Recite this mantra seven times loud or whispering, when you experience difficulty or pass through painful emotions.

3. I'm abandoning all my worries to the Universe.

Recite this mantra three times, loudly or whispering whenever you feel the need. View yourself how you undress the coat of worries off your shoulders and give it to the Universe to take care of them while reciting this powerful mantra.

4. I choose to feel good about myself every day.

Recite this mantra three times, either loudly or in a whisper or thought, as you look in the mirror.

5. I find myself right where I need to be.

Recite this mantra whenever you do not feel confident about your present.

6. I get rid of the past and forgive me.

Recite this mantra five times, either loudly, whispering or thinking, while holding your hands in the heart area.

7. Anything I need to be able to heal myself is already in me.

Recite this mantra five times, either loudly, whispering or thinking, while holding your hands in the heart area.

8. Everything always works in my favor.

Recite this mantra three times, at any time of the day, to remind you that the Universe supports you.

9. Without effort, I create the life I need.

Recite this mantra six times at any time of the day. It's one thing that we all have to learn. Life can be easy. We have to open our perspectives.

10. The next ideal step I have to do is always revealed to me.

Recite this mantra three times, whenever you feel need, with hands clasped as prayer.

11. I use my love to make all the decisions of my life.

This mantra is best for you to say during meditation. Take 3-4 breaths deep while you put your hand over your heart. Grow this mantra in thought 11 times. Then, meditation ends with another 3-4 deep breath.

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