What is your Ming Gua number?

GUA number has a scientific basis and is the result of a mathematical calculation based on the date of birth and sex of a person, using the Chinese calendar for 10,000 years, the Hsia.

GUA number was taken over by Feng Shui of Ba Zi, Chinese astrology, where it is called Ming Gua, with the goal that each person has equal opportunities to benefit from the Qi positive energy flow and achieve a steady state of life. In this way, Feng Shui applies individually and computes the compatibility between a person and his home, the environment at work, the places he travels, the directions he travels.

In Chinese Astrology, Ming Gua is the correspondent of Numerology destiny number. In Feng Shui, the Gua number is the one that dictates the good and bad directions of each person. Depending on the result obtained by computing the Gua number, people are divided into the eastern group and the western group.

Thus, people with the Gua numbers: 1, 3, 4, 9 are part of the eastern group and have favorable directions: North, South, East, and Southeast.

People who have the Kua numbers: 2, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are part of the Western group and have favorable directions: West, Southwest, Northeast, and Northwest.


by knowing your favorable directions, with which you can attract money, love, health, progress; and unfavorable directions, which you must avoid, as they predispose to quarrel, divorce, bad luck, betrayal, money, sickness. When you do not know which are the favorable directions, you risk using only the unfavorable directions, which brings dramatic effects throughout your life. The GUA number shows how to position yourself home, at work, in a visit to bring money, health, love, fulfillment to life.


Home: The most important thing is to place the bed on one of the favorable directions. Also, turn to a favorable direction when you cook, you are in a discussion with family members or friends, you watch TV, with the aim of attracting understanding, inspiration, health, money.

At work: Set up your office, your monitor looks toward a favorable direction when you talk with bosses, colleagues, collaborators, customers, to attract growth, productivity, business success.

By calculating your GUA number and applying favorable directions, you will no longer face relational and material issues. Find out the GUA number and prepare your mind for success and success!

Calculate your Gua number now using the calculator here!


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